An Easy Guide To Create An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners: Earn Passive Income Monthly

Beginner’s Guide To Create An Affiliate Marketing Website | How To Earn Passive Income Monthly By Amazon Affiliate

Want to make passive income by promoting affiliate products but want a step by step affiliate marketing guide?

You are at the right place, where you will see a real example of amazon affiliate program and how to use it to earn passive income (up to and more than $3000) monthly!

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What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process where you get to earn money by promoting virtual programs or physical products. Easier said then done, earning through affiliation requires hard work and patience.

However, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest side hustles to build if done correctly. And with a quick research, you’ll be amazed to find several bloggers claiming to earn as low as 500$ and as high as 25,000$ a month passively!

Not bad for a website that yields income once blogs are set up and ranked and over time, new visitors would from a year from now.

How exactly do you earn from Affiliate Marketing?

Earning passive income is not a difficult process, but takes time to be achieved. In simple terms, you sign up to any affiliate program related to your niche, write review blog and promote their program or product.

Gradually, the blog will gain traffic and visitors will be reading your high quality articles and there you will have placed affiliate links, upon which any person clicks on it and proceeds to buy anything, you are obligated to receive a commission, even in your sleep!

Quick Summary On How To Do Affiliate Marketing

  • A website (HostGator is highly recommended, use the link to get started)
  • Select a specific niche or category (for example furniture)
  • Sign up to any affiliate like amazon
  • Look through potential items that you can make a review or recommendation blog on
  • Do research on them or do hands on review
  • Write high quality blogs and insert affiliate links
  • Any one who purchases through your link, you will be entitled with a commission

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How to get started an Affiliate Marketing business


First, you need a website upon which you will be promoting relevant items in your niche and
for hosting purposes, HostGator is an amazing hosting provider with excellent performance that is one of the top tier in the industry.

Using this hosting, your affiliate website will handle loads of traffic and content with ease and swiftly.

Click here to get started with a discount on HostGator

Choosing a Niche

A niche is a category under which you will find several programs or products that you can use to promote them. You can choose any niche you want. For example, furniture can be your niche and you can promote sofas, tables etc. in your blogs.

However, do remember that choosing a high competition niche will get you nowhere, as there are existing monster websites with crazy detailed content and have been on Google’s Top Ranking for ages.

You should choose content that does not have high traffic websites or at maximum there 1 or 2. An example of these websites could be wirecutter, gsmarena etc.

These type of authority websites are ranking on first page for a reason and have excessive content in there niche.

Avoiding such niches will be better for yourself as you will be wasting your time, that you could potentially invest in other low competition but high paying relevant niche.

So do not be discouraged and find some good niche to start your affiliate journey.

Potential Affiliate Programs

Next step is to sign up to affiliate programs relevant to your niche. CJ Affiliates, Amazon Associates and Share a Sale are one of the popular affiliate platforms.

Amazon associates is one of the best platforms as the conversion rates are usually higher than any other website as more and more people trust it for great quality products and low shipping times.

The sign up process to Amazon Associates is as simple as signing up for any social media platform. You will then be greeted with an Amazon dashboard that looks like this.

Take A Look At The Products

Let’s continue with the example of a affiliate website with a niche of Furnitures.
Search anything related to furniture such as sofas or even in general furniture to see a list of many products that are already selling on Amazon.

Skim through several of these and if you like any, open them in the new tab and read reviews about how well the product has served for others. For additional information, you can always rely on YouTube.

Even better option would be if you can physically experience the product itself. For example, you can do that by ordering the sofa and use it as an honest customer for a few days and then write your thoughts and experience in the form of a blog.

This gives a much better and realistic opinion of the products are you are promoting and will likely be beneficial for you in the long term.

Gather Topics

Before starting to write a blog, you need ideas on generating titles for your topic that will generate traffic and then revenue. One of the ways is to do it is to see the products itself and gather ideas.

For example, searching for Sofas in amazon search bar will give you a list of hundreds of different variations of sofas. Find any similarities , for example L-Shape Sofas.

Now search L shape sofas in the search bar and find at least 8, that have most positive reviews and are in a similar price range. Now brainstorm a title for your first blog. It can be anything like, “8 Best L-Shape Sofas that matches the vibe in your Lounge”.

Writing Blogs

Now comes the part where you will explain about the products you chose, which in your case are the L-Shape Sofas.

However, you do not want to write a content that provides very little value and omits crucial information such as why a reader should buy the sofa or what are the unique selling points for the mentioned sofas in the list.

An example of such poor quality content would be:

This is the number 1 L-Shape Sofa of the list. This sofa is of very good quality. This sofa is comforting. This sofa is made by X company and retails at X price.

You need to avoid such type of content as the visitor on your site likely has idea about it and is looking for several opinions on which of the many options to choose from.

You should engage in providing more and realistic by improving your writing and communication skills and there are several ways to create more appealing articles such as reading about the product or in general any news just for the sake of engaging more with the readers.

Structuring Blogs

It is important to structure your blog, so that it does not look messy and looks clean and easy to read.

Let’s start with introduction paragraph. Here you should ideally provide a brief background on what the blog is about or what solution you are providing through this post.

Intro paragraph should be less than 150 words, which is recommended by many SEO experts. To get a new block, add a new block and set the heading to H2, to set a intro heading and add another block and select paragraph to provide description.
An example introductory paragraph is shown below with dummy text.


Now the next step is to list products and provide some value about them.
After your intro, same as before, add a new block and select H2. This time, write a slight variation of your original blog title.

You can use synonyms, meanings or add or subtracts some words, but remember to go with the flow and have smooth structure of your sentence.

Next, add another block, select H3 and write your first product title. To provide some information, use paragraph block and to have a more modern touch, using images will elevate the quality of your blogs.

Add the image of the respective item by clicking upload.

The final and significant part here is to add a button, that will lead to commissions for you.

Just add any normal button, click on it and customize it using the panel on the right. Select border radius and colors as you prefer.

Then click on the button, you will then see a link icon hovering over the button. Click again and you will be presented with the option to embed a link within the button.
An example of the paragraph is shown below with dummy text.


Inserting Affiliate Links

Now that your blog is ready to publish, the only thing that remains are Affiliate links, that will generate your income. The process is simple:

You put affiliate link in a button that can be found in WordPress blocks and label it as Buy Now or See Current Prices. Any person that wishes to purchase the product, would click on the button, would be redirected to Amazon. If they make the purchase, you will get a certain commission.

Not only this, if the person purchases anything else within 24 hours (it does not even have to be the product you promoted), you will get a compounded commission based on whatever is purchased.

To insert affiliate links of any product, simply click on any product. For example, the Sofa shown in the image. Now, click on text on the top left just under site stripe. Click on the generated link, either short or full both are fine, and copy the link in your clipboard.

Similarly, copy all the links for the Sofas shortlisted in the clipboard.
Go back to your blog, click on the button created in the step before. Insert your link in the button, hit enter. Do this for remaining products.
Now, do final check on the blog, rectify any errors and publish your first post.


Do Not Sign Up To Affiliate Programs Instantly

Several Affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates have time frame of around 180 days or less. In this time frame, you have to promote and gather at least 3 sales through your affiliate links.

The reason why it is not recommended to go into affiliations such Amazon, that are relevant to your niche because the published blogs does not get traffic immediately, rather it takes time for visitors to show up on your site

If the target of 3 Sales within a limited time is not fulfilled, Amazon has the right and will ban your account. But not to worry, you can always reapply with the same email or create a new account. Though, it would be a headache to replace all of the affiliate links from dozens of blogs.

Just to be on the safe side, wait till you have some content and then sign up to affiliate programs and then enter affiliate links where you left the blank space or just a normal link.

Have Healthy And High Quality Content ASAP

You should have good quality at least 100 published articles by the end of your 2nd or 3rd month because Google takes time to rank your blogs, which is ideally around 3 to 6 months.

And when you have plenty amount of content, you can set this website aside and take on another project while this one does its job or continue to grow it even more with more content.

The reason why I am emphasizing on writing 100 blogs is that in order to have organic traffic to your website that will drive you earnings, you need to have healthy amount of high quality content.
And having several articles covering your niche from multiple aspects is likely to increase the chances for your website to have more traffic as compared to having just 10 blogs.

Though, it is understandable that if you are not entirely familiar with the niche you chose, you can not publish loads of content immediately.

What you can do is to take your time and launch high quality content with solid research and knowledge of products in your niche.

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