What is Crypto Currency and How You Can Earn From Crypto Coins in 2021

What is Crypto Currency and How You Can Earn From Crypto Coins in 2021

What is Digital Currency and the History of Crypto Currency

Currency is the medium of any transaction, only be issued by the state and can be used against any product or service. In ancient times, there was a famous system used to exchange the goods and services is known as Barter System and people practiced this for several years but due to many limitations, Barter system could no longer be continued and then the paper currency era arrived, where people can value and major their goods/services according to the monetary value. Today, we commonly use paper note and plastic note (Debit/Credit cards), but in Modern times when technology and advancement took over in the modern world the Digital era arrives and the Introduction of Digital currency also known as Cryptocurrency has launched.

How Crypto works and what is the Mechanism of Digital coins?

Digital Currency has a proper mechanism through which a transaction takes place and this mechanism is known as a block-chain, your every transaction will be going through a process and reach its final point after deduction of specific fees (Service charges).
Digital currency can be sent via trading platforms like Binance in the form of USDT, BNB, etc. Also you can send your crypto as well in different wallets holding a unique wallet ID or sending channel. You can top-up your Binance account with P2P, sale of Crypto, bank transfer, or through borrowing from Binance as a loan.

Crypto Market is very similar to the share stock markets and you can experience profit, loss, or even insane profits that might make you a millionaire in hours but for making high profits, we recommend you to learn its mechanism and strategies to make higher profits and for that we recommend you to enroll in this course offered by Coursera.


Crypto coins and platforms

Bitcoin is the king of all digital currencies. Bitcoin is the first crypto among all digital currencies launched by Satoshi Nakamoto on 09 January 2009 at the price of $0.008. After Bitcoin, there were many crypto coins has been registered like Ethereum, Litecoin, ADA, on various platforms such as Binance (crypto trading platform). Today, many businesses used cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange, you can even buy property, car, or even pay your tuition fees through your Crypto wallet.

How to start earning from Crypto coins in 2021

Now, I hope you have some background about what crypto is and how crypto mechanism work so what’s next? Now all you need to do is to set up a crypto trading account on any trading platfrom but we recommend you to go for Binance (Popular trading platforms for Crypto in 2021). First you have to register yourself and create a new account, input all your correct information and apply for further verification(verified tag) as it’s a safe and secure platform so binance will verify your application according to their way.
To get a 30% reduction in your trading fees then create a new account on Binance with this unique code 93159873 and enjoy 30% off in your every transaction on binance account.

Top 10 Best Crypto Currency in 2021 For High Gains

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Etherium
  3. Ada
  4. Litcoin
  5. Eagle
  6. BNB
  7. XRP
  8. Dogecoin
  9. Tether
  10. Uniswap

What are Trust wallets? and Best Trust wallets for your Crypto Currency in 2021

We all use a tangible wallet to put our money and cards with us wherever we go. Similarly, when crypto coins introduce crypto wallets also entered the market to safe and secure your digital assets and earn amount with you no matter how much amount you have in your crypto wallet. This will always seem safe because of high security. These wallets are as same as your physical wallets and no one can assess these without your permission as these wallets have a strong and high alert login mechanism. All these wallets can be access with a unique key like your password and after successfully login you can see your all assets you are own for the period of time. Now we recommend you some best safe wallets for your Crypto Assets, however there were many wallets available on playstore and Apple store but these can be among best wallets so far. The first best safe wallet is “TRUST – Crypto & Bitcoin wallet” and next best is “Coinbase wallet”.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Digital Assets in 2021

Digital Assets are those assets which you own but not able to touch for examples (Pictures, Videos, Website, Cryptocurrencies, etc. These are all Intangible Assets and have strong monetary value but strong goodwill and trust factor make them different to be standalone from physical businesses, but the question is why you should invest in digital assets rather than to start any physical business, so here are some reasons which might give you the idea that you should invest in digital assets in 2021 and increase your chances to be included in the list of future billionaires.

Reason 1 # Digital Assets take a little investment to start as compare to a physical business. You don’t need any specific premises to sell your goods or services, It depends on which digital business you are going to set up but if you start trading in crypto then you can start from even $10 or if you are going to launch any website then it costs you around as low as $30 for domain and hosting. (If you want a domain and hosting even cheap from the market price then go through this link Kinsta and promo will automatically be applied)

Reason 2 # Digital Businesses are less dependent on other things, unlike physical businesses, digital businesses don’t require fuel for operations such as petrol or gas, no need of specific time hours like 10 am to 10 pm culture or there is no need of highly skilled employees for your shops and outlets.

Reason 3 # You don’t need a high amount of cash for your running expenses also known as working capital to run your digital business on daily basis, all you need is a Laptop, Internet access, and a comfortable chair with a mug of coffee. To get the best and cheap stuff for your freelancing business we suggest you to check this link Amazon.

Reason 4 # Digital businesses have a very low fixed cost rather than a physical business. If you are running any digital business then your fixed cost would be your yearly Domain and hosting fees, Internet charges, and your little amount of electricity bill.

Reason 5 # Digital businesses have a high amount of re-sale value. You can sell your well-established digital assets to anyone easily because digital businesses have a strong customer trust factor, strong goodwill, normally digital businesses are customer-based businesses with a huge amount of loyal customers associated with them.

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Here Are Top 5 Successful Billionaires Who Invest In Digital Businesses

  1. Bill Gates
  2. Elon musk
  3. Mark Zuckerburg
  4. Jack Ma
  5. Satoshi Nakamoto

Crypto Currency Mining

Another way of making money through Cryptocurrency is to the setup of a Crypto Miner. Many of you are already aware of this, but don’t know how much you can earn through miner and how to set up a miner in cheap and easy way. It is a fact that people are making a profit by investing their money in Cryptocurrencies and many others are making through mining a digital coin through Crypto mining. 


What is Crypto Mining and How To Set Up a Crypto Miner in 2021

Crypto mining is a setup where you mine a digital coin or you can just play a role of a medium by just providing your services for crypto transactions. You can mine any coin which you think can give you high profits. Crypto mining can be a better option for you if you have strong knowledge over majority of cryptocurrencies, trends, and technology. To setup, a miner all you need is operating system “LINUX”, mining application “HiveOS” (to get your 10% fee reduction on your every crypto mining earning then register your new account by Clicking Here, promo will automatically be applied), an Internet device (Amazon), high-performance Graphic Cards (Amazon), a proper high-performance PC (Amazon), and an Air conditioner (Amazon). You can earn up to $50 per day depending on your hash rates and system speed.

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