Teaching English Online Jobs To Make Money With 25 Remote Companies Freelancing Green Guido

Teaching English Online Jobs To Make Money With 29 Remote Companies

Teaching English has been prime subject and a mandatory coursework in many physical or online institutions, schools and colleges around the world.

But did you know that you can make money online at home from anywhere or anytime just by teaching English?

Yes you can! and you can make more than $10 to $30 per hour with the list of companies that we have gathered today.

Keep reading and find more information on which remote companies offer teaching English online jobs for people who want to make money online.

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How Much Money Can You Make By Teaching English Online?

Just like any other online job or freelancing, the money earned greatly depends and varies from one tutor or teacher to another.

That being said the more time you put in this teaching online side hustle in your free time, the more you can expect to earn.

There are earnings reported on several websites on the internet and all of them have numbers that are different from each other.

As a general rule of thumb, on average you can expect anywhere to earn from $10 to and more than $50 per hour and for yearly, you may make up to $80,000 more or less.

Yes, that is a hourly rate and as aforementioned, the more hours you invest in teaching English at home remotely, the more you can earn and become a valuable English tutor & teacher.

Companies Offering Remote Jobs And Pay You To Teach English Online

There are many companies and freelancing platforms that offer at home remote jobs for teaching English online from anywhere and anytime.

Many of these firms can you good amount of money just for being an online English tutor and teach students around the world without leaving your home.

That being said, below you find the list of companies that offer such good paying work for experienced tutors who want to teach English online and make money while doing so.

1. Dadaabc

DaDa is a Chinese based firm that was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing English coaching to their students and general public within China.

The pay at DaDa is decided upon passing the mandatory interview before being accepted by them.

Although, the known pay available by several teachers on the internet is around $10 to $25 per hour and DaDa officially offers a $7 bonus per student and per hour.

This firm hires teachers that have a at least a bachelor’s degree to ensure consistent and good quality of teaching for their customers.

You can join DaDa by applying here.

2. Skimatalk

Skimatalk is a Japanese based firm that offers premium English learning opportunity for non-English speakers around the world.

This firm provides their pay rate with up to $1000 per month and of course you can make more by performing even better and getting more positive reviews by students.

If you are a native English speaker, an experienced tutor and are passionate to provide your services online to make money, then this firm could be an ideal choice for you.

You can join Skimatalk by applying here.

3. Lyngo.jp

Lyngo has been dedicated to provide English language services to people around the world since 2012.

This firm offers exceptional service by combining high quality content and native language experts to ensure immersive learning experience for learners.

If you are a native English speaker and want to make money online by tutoring others, then this may be a viable option.

You can join Lyngo by applying here.

4. Vipkid

Vipkid is one of the most innovative and diversified platforms for both teachers and students to tech and learn English, respectively, without any discrimination or inequality.

This tutoring firm offers pay rate from $14 to and more than $22 per hour and you can earn equal amounts of bonuses and incentives. This means a base pay of $22 and a bonus of $22 for a class per hour.

This is one of the best pay rates just for teaching English online at home without the hassle of handling kids other than just teaching them main contents with flexible time schedule.

You can join Vipkid by applying here.

5. Magicears

Magic ears is a Beijing based firm that provides English teaching services to students aged from four to 12 with their interactive online platform.

By being a teacher at this firm, you can expect to earn anywhere from $10 to up to and more than $26 per hour.

If you spent just 2 to 3 hours per day, then you will earn a good amount of money with this side hustle along with your day time teaching job.

You can join Magicears by applying here.

6. Verbal Planet

As you can assume by the name of this firm, Verbal Planet is a company that provides online language teaching services.

They offer many languages along with English, Spanish, French, Chinese and many more.

If you are native speaker in really any of the famous or less common languages mentioned in their list, then you can earn a handsome amount of income by being tutor to students around the world.

With this firm you can expect to earn anywhere from $10 to and more than $50 for a 45 minutes class and you can see the prices set by other tutors.

You can join Verbal Planet by applying here.

7. Chegg Tutors

You can join Chegg Tutors by applying here.

8. Qkids

You can join Qkids by applying here.

9. Cambly

You can join Cambly by applying here.

10. Samespeak

You can join Samespeak by applying here.

11. English Hunt

You can join English Hunt by applying here.

12. itutors

You can join itutors by applying here.

13. lingoda

You can join lingoda by applying here.

14. Gogokid

You can join Gogo Kid by applying here.

15. Open English

You can join Open English by applying here.

16. Berlitz

You can join Berlitz by applying here.

17. 51 Talk

You can join 51 Talk by applying here.

18. iTalki

You can join iTalki by applying here.

19. Whales English

You can join Whales English by applying here.

20. Skooli

You can join Skooli by applying here.

21. Education First

You can join Education First by applying here.

22. Say ABC

Say ABC is a Chinese firm that is based in Beijing to provide English classes with the help of their creative online platform.

This firm offers $17 for one class with the duration of 40 minutes and this pay is really good for a short amount of time for a work you can easily manage in your spare time.

Let’s say you fulfil 3 classes per day, with the total duration of 120 minutes and the pay jumps to $50 for your spare time and that excludes bonuses and incentives that this firm provides.

You can join Say ABC by applying here.

23. Smart Thinking Pearson

Smart thinking by Pearson offers online tutoring jobs for people who want teach students at home online in their spare time as this institute offers part time positions mainly.

The known pay rate offered by smart thinking is starting from $10 to and more than $19 per hour and $40,000 yearly.

You can join Smart Thinking by applying here.

Freelancing Platforms for Teaching English For More Online At Home Jobs

24. What is Fiverr?

Credits: Fiverr

Fiverr is among one of the biggest online market place for freelancers across the world.

This freelancing platform also provides learning and trainings to the freelancers and professionals.

This online market place was founded on 1st February 2010 by Micha Kaufman.

In order to earn a good amount of money, you must learn a skill such as a certified Transcriptionist.

Once you have learned the skill, then you must have a proof of having those skill in the form of degree or certifications.

Certifications are very important as this will make your profile CV stronger. You must have a certificates and a little hands on experience on specific field.

Once have all these things done then create a Fiverr account HERE.

After creating your fiver account then make and upload some gigs, and your achievements, your certifications, expertise, skills etc.

This will make your account look more impressive and attract potential clients.

Now, assume you are on Fiver and search out some work or related words similar to your skill.

For example, if you have a graphic designing skill, you can look for designing related work opportunities offering from all over the world.

These can be in the form of Logo, poster, thumbnail designing etc.

With a strong profile, you can make a good CV and earn more money along with a a lot of experience.

Now here are some Important links you should visit and start your earning:

Fiverr account creation link Click HERE

Create your new CV HERE

25. Micro Workers

Credits: MicroWorkers

MicroWorkers began in 2009 as an outsourcing platform for employers to provide a variety of work, broken in to several small tasks.

These micro tasks allow employees, better known as “Micro Workers”, to complete these tasks efficiently and productively.

This also benefits the employer that provides these small duration tasks to be done by a several workers at the same time, minimizing time wastage of their projects.

Job offerings available on this crowdsourcing platform are plenty, from transcription to data mining to testing applications, you can easily find work you are comfortable with.

Not only this, there is apparently no limit on how many tasks you can accept at once.

As a result, you can accept more work at any point in your spare time and as soon as your work is marked as “satisfied”, you would get paid more by doing several projects at the same time.

You can start working with Micro Workers by Applying Here.

26. Upwork

Credits: Upwork

Upwork is widely famous for being a professional work from home online freelancing and outsourcing platforms since its inception in 2015.

Considered one of the best alternatives and competitive to Fiverr, Upwork has connected tremendous freelancers and employers through their platform.

And on Up work, you can really get your job done in any field it belongs to, such as Transcribing, Website Development etc.

The job postings update every single day and there are hundreds of employers, looking to get their work done in exchange for good pay.

The pay rate of each job varies from one to another and usually depends on the expertise of the worker and how difficult the project is.

You can easily keep your eye out and look for any proofreading jobs posted to get your side hustle started.

You can start working on Upwork by applying here.

27. FlexJobs

Credits: Flexjobs

Founded in 2007, Flexjobs was created to provide a freelancing platform that offers the work to be done with as much flexibility the worker sees fit.

The jobs on this platform are in three forms: remote (fully online), hybrid (physical with online) and fully physical part time or full time.

This immense easiness in schedule allowed parents, students, part time freelancers and many people around the world to a build a side hustle and earn money through it.

Several people, unemployed in the pandemic, found a valuable and build a full time income by hustling.

Moreover, there are many fields you can choose to be and work in and being a transcriptionist is one of them.

Being similar to Upwork, it is likely that you will find the environment and overall layout of flex jobs familiar.

Again the pay differs from employer to employer and you should keep applying and completing as many jobs as you can to gain experience.

You can start working on FlexJobs by applying here.

28. Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk FREELANCE PLATFORM
Credits: Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing platform made by Amazon giant, a similar marketplace like Micro Workers.

This platform offers likewise benefits and flexibility as of MicroWorkers and also have similar job offerings.

From transcriptions to data processing and verification, there is decent amount of work you can find over here.

You can start working on Amazon MTurk by applying here.

29. People per Hour

Credits: People Per Hour

People Per Hour was founded in 2007, with the aim of getting out of the 9 to 5 rat race and allow workers to work in their own prime time.

With a slight similar layout as of Fiverr, people per hour came out earlier and since then, have changed lives of people trying to work from home and earning a second income in their spare time.

This platform also offers jobs in dozens of fields such as proofreading, transcription, web development, digital marketing and much more.

You can start working with people per hour by applying here.

Work From Home Online Alternative Jobs For Teaching English


Transcription is the process of listening and converting audio in to written or typed documents, which are then used for later purposes.

This field utilizes your knowledge of English by having good listening skills and then typing them in to a document for clients.

Transcriptionist on average can expect anywhere to earn from $10 to and more than $50 per hour and it may even go up to $90,000 yearly.

If you are bilingual or speak many languages, then you can expect to earn significantly more money than others in your spare time.

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Proof Reading, in as simple terms possible, means to re-read an article, paragraph or a piece of content to make sure that it contains no possible errors.

These errors could be related to grammar, punctuations, sentence structures or even the content itself.

The job of a proof reader is to be an expert at catch errors at first sight and point out and fix the above mentioned errors.

This skill has the ability to pay you in your part time if you have some spare time to kill.

In addition, there are many companies that are willing to pay you to proof read their contents.

If you are great at reading and commonly see mistakes in other peoples posts, blogs, then this is a great alternative to transcription for you to just read content and make money.

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Teach English online

The title of the first alternative speaks for itself as it basically involves teaching English to other foreign people online.

Foreigners ought to learn and be a good English speaker for many reasons such as moving to a native English speaking countries such as Australia, America etc.

And generally, these foreigners are willing to pay a good amount of money in exchange for high quality tutoring.

If you have good English skills and want to earn a good part time income through this side hustle, then you should absolutely go with it and also, you can teach 100% remote and online.

Audiobooks / E-books / Sell Online Courses

Making money with the use of your language power can be done with the help of producing audiobooks, e-books or selling courses online.

There are several employers such as Acx.com that hire narrators to voice audio books for their clients and pay their workers.

You can make your own Electronic Books and sell it on your own website, Amazon, eBay and many other online marketplaces.

E-books are cheap to make, though they require some time, it happen to be a big pay off when people can readily buy and download it anytime and anywhere, resulting in no shipping costs.

Similar to this, you can make online courses around the topics or field that you are currently in.

For example, if you are in finance field and have enough expertise in it, then you can make an online course on let’s say fundamentals of financial accounting and reporting.

Once made, you can sell it famous platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, your own website and other online marketplaces.

Since, there is no physical material to be shipped out, you save greatly on shipping charges and learners can purchase your course anytime in the future and learn from it.

Customer Service

Customer Service is an exceptional alternative to proofreading as here you will handle customers and resolve their issues and what not.

This happens to be a decent paying field to be in and with the right set of skills such as clear communication and problem solving ability, you can expect to earn a lot more.

For being a customer service representor, you do not have to know just one language.

Obvious reason because there are customers all over the world from different backgrounds and various language cultures.

You can be a customer service representative either physically at a office or remotely at home and handling clients and making good earning.

Read More: Develop Your Customer Service Skills

Virtual Assistant – Employers look for people with good english

Becoming a VA (Virtual Assistant) can also be a better alternative for you in case you are looking for options other than being a proofreader.

Generally, people from almost all industries such as online e-commerce store handler, Amazon Seller Central Manager, Social Media Management and more.

The pay is ideally at base around $200 to $500 per client depending on the type of work that is required to be done and you can spend 4 to 5 hours per day on a client.

By this rate, you can handle 2 to 3 per day full time for a month and make approximately $1000 to $1500 per month.

In addition, along with good pay you can learn a lot more of the field you desire to be in and gain hands-on experience.

For example, you want to set up your own Amazon account and sell products but you have little experience or money to invest in it.

So, what you can do is learn how to handle amazon account and gain practical experience by doing some freelancing and work virtually at your home.

This will allow you to earn and at the same time, most importantly, you will learn how you can make your amazon products successful by implementing effective methods.

Content Writing and Copy Writing

This is one of the most ideal alternatives you can pick if you want to drop proofreading and start in another field while using your existing language skills.

Content and Copy writing are two different skill sets that are extremely great paying for freelancers and writers around the world.

And since you already have strong proofreading skills, you will have less issues in writing content and then reading it to make sure it is a solid mistake-free and giving it to clients.

Similar to virtual assistant, the pay rate for writers at base around $200 to $500 per client depending on the type of work that is required to be done and you can spend 4 to 5 hours per day on a client.

By this rate, you can handle 2 to 3 per day full time for a month and make approximately $1000 to $1500 per month.

This field of writers has been around for ages and will continue to be as everyone needs some sort of content.

And at the same time, they need someone to make sure it has little issues within the content.

So, this could be a better alternative of proofreading for you as it is an evergreen and demanding area of work.

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