What is NFT? | A Million Dollars Business With Zero Investment In 2022

What is NFT? | A Million Dollars Business With Zero Investment In 2022

What is NFT ?

NFT is the most trending topic after Bitcoin, and no doubt in the year 2021, a person just sold his NFT “A bored ape” on internet and earned millions of dollars.

Well, the majority of people are still curious about what these NFT’s are? And how they can create it, so it’s very simple to create any NFT on internet for free!

To understand the rule of NFT, you should understand the mechanism and how to categorize something as NFT.

So, the term NFT is the abbreviation of “Non-fungible Token” and these can be something one of it’s kind! moreover, some characters make something to be an “NFT” and help you to identify a particular thing to be a “Non-fungible token” Or a “Fungible Token”. The NFT’s has some qualities and these were listed below;

  1. One of it’s kind
  2. Limited in quantity
  3. Single or declared ownership

Now, you have some basic idea regarding an ideal NFT, now the next important thing is to know the mechanism of NFT!

As we know these NFT’s are non-fungible tokens and traded online on various platforms, then this NFT mechanism is running on the block-chain, and these NFT’s traded on internet against the very famous currency “Etherium” or “Polygon”.

NFT Examples

NFT Examples

There are tremendous of amount of examples were available on internet but the most popular one can be a “Bored ape” which was sold for millions of dollars in an open auction.

NFT Market, Websites, platform

Couple of platforms available on internet that are specifically for the NFT’s trading purpose, you can easily buy and sale your NFT there even without gas fee, some of them were listed below;

OPEN SEA, Crypto punks, Rarible, Super Rare, Nifty Gateway

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What is Opensea?

OpenSea platform for NFT

OpenSean is a huge and recommended platform generally known for the trading of NFT’s across the world and it was created by “DEVIN FINZER” and “ALEX ATALLAH” in December , 2017.

OPENSEA has gain a lot of people’s confidence and market share, and is aiming to be one of the biggest platform for NFT’s trading in coming years!

Click to visit OPENSEA HERE

How to create a NFT For Free and How to sale NFT?

How to make a NFT

To create your attractive and unique NFT with the proper guidelines for free in 2022 is not a big deal, you can create it without any subscriptions or even sale it without paying a gas fee!

To know the detail step by step guidelines, visit the “Ultimate guide on Investing in NFT with zero investment” in 2022, or simple click HERE

Who are the buyers of NFT market?

Well there are a lot of buyers available who started NFT’s trading globally, you can sale your NFT through respected channels. These buyers are the crazy and passionate peoples for Arts and related things, they buys these NFT’s for their collections, or to resale it.

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