Russia Ukraine Conflict, A Sign Of World War 3 | Why Russia Wants Ukraine In 2022

Russia Ukraine Conflict, A Sign Of World War 3 | Why Russia Wants Ukraine In 2022


After the USSR division in 1991, 15 states came in being Independent state with different names and these were as follow; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

All these states become independent and manage their own affairs, some of them can be counted in Europe and some were in Asia.

Russia was a superpower and still after losing its territories in 1991, Russia can be among the top 3 countries in the world with strong military and war equipment both in manpower and types of machinery.

Ukraine which previously was a part of Russia before 1991 is now sharing its borders with Russia, also one of the biggest states in Europe.

From the past years 2014 till now the relations between Russia and Ukraine become so weaken and we can see these throughout the time but still, there were some questions arise by the peoples that ‘what is the main reason behind Russia Ukraine conflict’, ‘why there is poor diplomacy between Russia and Ukraine’ or ‘why Russia still wants Ukraine’.

So, it’s a big reason behind that and all the answers regarding above mention questions were mentioned below, before staring further the main actors who are actively working in this Russia Ukraine conflict can be the Military of Ukraine, Ukrainian, Government of Ukraine, Russian separatist, Russian Military, the Russian government, NATO, and some others states and organizations.


First of all, Russia was a big territory before 1991 and no country want to be divided as Russia was so, Russia is thinking to make its land back Russia will try every possible step in making Russia as powerful as it was, secondly, Ukraine is the closest and one of the biggest state located in Europe so Russia is trying to invade Ukraine first and that can be the biggest achievement for Russia, thirdly, Russia knows that Ukraine is considered to be the supplier of rich minerals and other resources for Europe and there is Island known as ‘Cremia’ and Russia already occupied this area and not only the ‘Cremia’ also Russia invaded another part of Ukraine known ‘DONBASS’ and if Russia invades Ukraine then it would be a profitable step and make tons of dollars in future.


Ukraine view point on Russia Ukraine conflict

Ukraine, which is a part of Europe and getting involved in this matter and facing multiple challenges in the form of threats, rebels, financial crises, etc. So, Ukraine is facing another superpower ‘Russia’ which is not only powerful but also has support from other countries.

Now, as Ukraine got independence in 1991 and have the right to manage their affairs without anyone’s involvement, Ukraine, needs these issue to be resolved in the favor of Ukraine as they have the right to manage within their territory don’t want to make any compromise based on historical facts.

Ukraine, is seeking help and direct intervention from the USA through ‘NATO’ (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and with the support of the European Union, because Ukraine doesn’t want to fight alone also Ukraine is not able to face Russia alone, so with the help of USA, UK, Germany, France or other powerful states, Ukraine would be able to deal with this issue otherwise Ukraine don’t want to fight at any cost.


When there is a conflict that arises between states then they are not facing the challenges alone, but other states and organizations would be affected too.

In the case of Russia Ukraine conflict, first of all, neighboring countries of both the states would be affected and as Ukraine is located in the mid of Europe so there is a chance that half of the European states would be affected, on the other hand, Russia who is another big state located in Asia can affect other states located in Asia.

Also, an International organization such as the UN, WTO, WHO, OIC, and other organizations would be affected.

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Possibilities of World war 3 due to Russia Ukraine conflict

Well, we all hope this would not lead to the extreme war, but after understanding the favor and against parties of both the states then there is a chance of war between superpowers.

Ukraine is already seeking help from the USA and European Union which means that Ukraine would get the support of powerful countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, Israel, etc.

However, Russia itself is a superpower and would shake hands with China which is another powerful state both in the form of technology and manpower.


Current situation in Ukraine during Russia Ukraine conflict

Well, there is no extreme situation in Ukraine, everything is going on as per schedule, all the external matters are being dealt with by the government of Ukraine, and other state actors, they are continuously trying their best to resolve the issue through diplomacy and treaties, however, from the year 2014, many peoples lost their lives because of this conflicts and the majority of them were the residents of those cities which are located near the borders and both the countries has also face a loss of their wealth and machinery.


We all are aware that the use of Nuclear energy in any type of conflict is not the solution nor do we get any positive impact, also using any sort of weapon will always invite others to be involved and this goes on, so the best way to resolve this issue would be ‘Diplomacy’ and table talk because this is the best way which discourages every kind of violence, riots, and physical actions to destroy something.

Ukraine and Russia should send a delegate to the UN along with their proposals and the UN or any other state actor should review the case based on facts and figures these review committees must be experts with the background of Law, management, and legal advisory.

Lastly, the representative of both the countries have the right to present their statement which would be the viewpoint of the country i-e Ukraine/Russia, and then the final solution by doing negotiations and bargaining between Ukraine and Russia would be taken, then we get some final and be able to resolve it appropriately.

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