Become a Fashion Designer - Visualize Your Ideas And Bring Them To Life

Become a Fashion Designer – Visualize Your Ideas And Bring Them To Life

For generations, the fashion industry has aspired hundreds of thousands of artists to pursue a career as a Fashion Designer.

It is well known that working in the fashion industry brings wealth, power, fame etc. Everything a normal person wishes to have.

The ones who wish to have it, will still be in a similar place even after few years whereas people who are actually working day and night to fulfill their dreams, are much closer to it than they think.

Things ranging from Jennifer Lopez’s latest Versace outfit to the most expensive diamond necklace, everything goes viral every now and then, or specifically each new day, going an upwards of Millions of views.

As obvious as it is, having millions of general public going in stores online and physical, to buy your extravagant product that went viral within few days after your release, automatically brings you near your dream of having fame, money etc.

Though in order to achieve such goals and become a well known creative designer in the fashion industry, you first need to learn the foundations of becoming one.

Scope and Importance of Being a Fashion Designer


It should not be a discouraging fact that there are hundreds of famous corporations and brands such as Gucci, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc. and you think that you do not stand a chance against them.

Remember, fashion industry has been around for hundreds of years and everyone started out as a beginner.

Just like you, a famous fashion accessories maker known as Guccio Gucci started to make travel bags and such in Florence, Italy, being inspired from the elegance and the quality of upper class guests and hotels.

He wanted to provide higher quality accessories to them and thus he created Gucci, a brand known around the globe.

There are nearly hundreds of similar stories about how these brands first started out.

The point to understand is how they became creative and started filling gaps in certain areas in the fashion industry.

And with the fashion industry mostly shifting towards online stores, its is a great opportunity for young designers who want to produce unique ideas and make a career through selling their craftsmanship without going anywhere physically, well at least initially when you are just starting to make designs and such.

Moreover, the future of fashion designing can be however you want it to be.

It is the state of the art and unimaginably creative ideas that shape the industry and motivates others to develop products that will start a whole new trend on their own.

Amidst all this, you must be patient on how long it takes for your brand to be known and for your products to be tried out by the society.

For example, fidget spinner originally was launched in 1990’s and it did not become as famous back then as it did in 2017, when all of social media gave the marketing team behind the toy a free word of mouth publicity, absolutely for free.

It was as if they were doing digital marketing without even knowing and spending their money on it. Their nerve calming toy went viral through influencers on social media constantly conveying its benefits and how fun the toy can be.

By understanding the case above, the fact is your product that you deemed it to be revolutionary in terms of how fashionable it is or how trendy it could become might not be as famous today, but it sure will be tomorrow.

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Become A Fashion Designer Online Course

Learning how to become a Fashion Designer can be done through several online courses and this is one of them.

The objective, that you should know after finishing this course, is to understand how to use industry leading designer software that are used to initially design an image of a product.

This is an important aspect as it helps the manufacturers so that they can design the product as accurately to the image provided by the designer.

Within this 20 hours learning path, there 7 different online courses that will help you build your foundations to be a modern designer.

Starting off, the course color trends will outline the importance of various colors in different products and brands and how to fully utilize them to make your product stand out.

Moving on with remaining 6 courses, there are 3 courses each for Adobe Illustrator and 3 courses for Adobe Photoshop.

With Photoshop courses, you will learn the basics on how to use it as a tool for fashion design and also learn some advanced skills such as Rendering Techniques and Pattern Fills to make your art more professional.

And as for the Illustrator courses, basics will be covered in the drawing flats course where you will learn how to create a fashion flat (detailed and accurate depiction of your product) and proceed to remaining 2 courses on creating advanced fashion flats and finally using the power of brushes to add details swiftly to your illustrations.

As with all other free online courses and learning paths, you will receive a certificate in the form of badge of completion at the end.

Why You Should Be Certified As A Fashion Designer

Administrative Certified team

Certified means you have completed a short-term course or diploma and the certificate is a proof of your knowledge and expertise.

Nowadays, students are learning and just focus on degrees rather than any other internship or certificate programs.

However, these certificates are very important to get a job in the future, and this is because everyone has a degree.

Having an additional certificate from a well-known organization will make you stand alone from the crowd and make you more deserving candidate than others.

Certified CVs are more attractive businesses because this makes a CV impressive and increases your chance for the job Interview.

You must work on your CV because this is the only thing, while being a piece of paper, it contains your summary of education and work experience.

Create your new CV HERE

Students having no degree can find work opportunities on Fiverr (A popular freelance market).

Just with few certificates of having a specific skill like Content Writing, Graphic designing, digital marketing, etc.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is among one of the biggest online market place for freelancers across the world.

This freelancing platform also provides learning and trainings to the freelancers and professionals.

This online market place was founded on 1st February 2010 by Micha Kaufman.

Freelancing career for Administrative training by Microsoft

How to get projects from companies on Fiverr?

In order to win the project, you must first learn skills like SEO Specialist, Fashion Designing or Digital Marketing.

Once you have learn the skill then you must have a proof of having those skill in the form of degree or certifications.

Certifications are very important as this will make your profile CV stronger. You must have a certificates and a little hands on experience on specific field.

Once have all these things done then create a Fiverr account HERE.

After creating your fiver account then make and upload some gigs, and your achievements, your certifications, expertise, skills etc.

This will make your account look more impressive and attract potential clients.

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Now, assume you are on Fiver and search out some work or related words similar to your skill.

For example, if you have a graphic designing skill, you can look for designing related work opportunities offering from all over the world.

These can be in the form of Logo, poster, thumbnail designing etc.

Once you find any advertisement posted by someone just make a bid (your quoted price for the specific project).

Then your bid will be sent to the person who posted that ad and he will review your profile and take decision.

So again, it is recommended to make your profile strong and impressive.

With a strong profile, you can make a good CV and earn more money along with a alot of experience.

Now here are some Important links you should visit and start your earning;

Fiverr account creation link Click HERE

Create your new CV HERE

How To Start This Fashion Designer Course?

Remember that you can learn this course by watching the videos directly without signing or registering for an account.

But you will need to register for an account to acquire the Certificate.

Firstly, follow this link by Clicking Here.

Then, click on button “Sign In”

Then, click on Join Now and fill the required form with the details.

After filling the details, follow this link by Clicking Here.

Lastly, click on the first video to start from the basics.

After completing the last video, you will be awarded with the official and verified certificate by Microsoft.

Tips from Experts on Fashion Designing as Profession

Tips on Administrative training by Microsoft

Distance learning is also known as online education/learning.

During pandemic almost all institutions started from home work and learning programs from January 2020 to June 2021.

Students and learners faced many difficulties as they were not familiar with the distance learning environment.

Though, they all were trying their best to continue their semesters and classes and in results.

Many students faced a decline in CGPA in their semesters and some might even not pass.

So, we have to be ready for every situation and make our environment more familiar.

So we are going to recommend you some products and tips for online learning.

First of all, you need is a Laptop or a PC which support your Microsoft teams, zoom or other apps.

Second, you need the latest version of Internet device for providing you the continued supply of Internet throughout your class.

Thirdly you need a noise cancellation headphones to avoid any disturbance during your lecture and a mug of coffee to feel relax.

Start your Happy Learning!

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