Financial Literacy By State Bank Learn Finance While Playing a Game | Financial Literacy By State Bank

Learn Finance While Playing a Game | Financial Literacy By State Bank

What is State Bank

State Bank is the main and the head of other commercial banks, state bank directly controls and intervenes by the government officials and this is also known as a state-owned bank. State banks perform various activities and these include monetary and physical policy, interest rates, and printing of paper money. Every person associated with state bank has knowledge of finance and thus financial literacy is very important for the officials and civilians.

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is the basic knowledge over finance and related to finance, all those having an interest in investment or degree in business, accounts, management, entrepreneurship are advice to take this interesting game-based course. Financial literacy course will broaden your understanding of financial terms and also provides you the ways of financial analysis. Financial literacy program can be a golden opportunity for you to gain relevant knowledge with case studies and quiz.

Why Financial Literacy is important?

One of the main objectives of this financial literacy program is to teach and deliver enough finance knowledge to those students and civilians that they become independent in terms of financial decisions and this is one of the most elements of this program. Financial literacy will help you to manage your financial matters, investment appraisal, money management, and financial analysis. These skills will always help you in your daily life and projects. Learn any course or attend any training might be a boring option for anyone but the unique thing about this financial literacy course by state bank is that you will only learn if you play a game, yes you read it right because state bank want to teach the students through a good design game on financial literacy known as “POMPAK” both available on Play store, Apple store or even you can play on PC as well, after completing all the levels you will be awarded an official certificate by state bank with your on it.

Why Certificate is important?

Certified means you have completed a short-term course or diploma and certificate is a proof of your knowledge, it can be a license of your expertise. Nowadays, students are learning and just focus on degrees rather than any other internship or certificate programs, however, these certificates are very important to get a job in the future, and this is because everyone has a degree but having an additional certificate from a well-known organization will make to stand alone with the crowd and this makes you more deserving than any other candidate. Certified CVs are more attractive businesses because this makes a CV impressive and increases your chance for the job Interview and you must work on your CV because this is the only thing which can be a piece of paper but it’s your whole life summary and enters before you in any business. Students having no degree can find work opportunities on Fiverr (A popular freelance market) just with few certificates of having a specific skill like Financial literacy, Graphic designing, digital marketing, etc.

How to start your learning Financial Literacy Course?

Learn Finance While Playing a Game | Financial Literacy By State Bank

Once you have read all the relevant information about this course and now want to start this course all you need is commitment and a high level of motivation, because if you don’t have any one of these aims then you may not complete this course. Now to start this course first you have to create your new account on the POMPAK platform HERE

After creating your new account login with your right credentials and start your course anytime because this is a self-paced course which means you can start and complete this course from anywhere and anytime.

Now you have three options to learn from any of the platforms;

Android Mobile HERE

iPhone Mobile HERE


How to earn through Freelancing

People from all around the world now using freelance platforms like Fiver and Upwork. Fiverr is among the best due to more projects and being easy to handle, so once there is an additional post by a person you can bid (specific amount set by you to do a project) on them and win the project.


Well to win the project you first learn the skills i-e Digital marketing, Graphic designing, or Amazon drop shipping services. Once you have learned the skill then you must have proof of having those skills in the form of degree or certifications. Certifications are very important as this will make your profile CV stronger. You must have certificates and a little hands-on experience in a specific field and once have all these things done then create a Fiver account and after creating your fiver account then make and upload some gigs, and your achievements, your certifications, expertise, skills, etc on your account to make your account more impressive. Now we recommend you some other courses and Fiverr account creation link for a new account,

Fiverr account creation link HERE

Digital Marketing Certification HERE

AWS Machine learning Certification HERE

Microsoft Certification HERE

Tips from Experts

Distance learning is also known as online education/learning, during pandemic almost all institutions start distance learning programs from January 2020 to June 2021, students and learners face many difficulties as they were not familiar with the distance learning environment but they all were trying their best to continue their semesters and classes and in results, many students face a decline in CGPA in their semesters and some might even not pass. So we have to be ready for every situation and make our environment more familiar and easy so we are going to recommend you some products and tips for online learning. First of all, you need is a Laptop or a PC which support your Microsoft teams, zoom or other apps, second, you need the latest version of Internet device for providing you the continued supply of Internet throughout your class, thirdly you need a noise cancellation headphones to avoid any other disturbance during your lecture and a mug of coffee to feel relax.

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