SAYLANI Announced Free Courses for Youth Of Pakistan | Saylani Free Courses of 2022

SAYLANI Announced Free Courses for Youth Of Pakistan | Saylani Free Courses of 2022

About Saylani Welfare Trust

Saylani is a non-government organization founded by “Bashir Ahmed Farooqi” in the year 1999. Saylani is serving humanity for decades and still operated in full capacity with more than 5 operations across the state ‘Pakistan’ with multiple regional and local offices.

Saylani is also providing both skills programs and aid in low privileges areas in a different part of the country and food distribution also known as ‘Langar’ is one of the best among other work because according to Saylani they are providing food to over 150,000 people on a daily basis which is much more appreciated and a great effort. To know more about Saylani welfare CLICK HERE

Saylani Announced free courses

Recently Saylani announced a free range of skills-based courses with the collaboration of “Enablers” and ‘PIAIC’ (presidential Initiative for Artificial intelligence and computing) for the students and adults who want to work as freelancers or open other employment opportunities, Saylani, Enablers, and PIAIC will work as a joint venture and try their best to train as more students as they can and they are aiming to train thousands of students in their first part, however, the second part is not announced yet but they will announce it after the first phase.

These Saylani free courses will not only provide you with the essential knowledge you need but also guide and even provide you job opportunities same as they have done before when they provide their training before in the field of technical work.

You will gain and understand the mechanism and expertise on how e-commerce work, how and where to do effective digital marketing or even more, it is expected based on the average result, those who learn these skills before are making thousands of dollars monthly by doing, virtual assistant, digital marketer, handling and opening stores on an e-commerce platform such as Daraz, Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Lazada.

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Eligibility criteria for Saylani free courses

To be eligible for this training, you have to be at least matric pass students, have some basic knowledge of computer, be present in the final round on 20th February at the national stadium, also you must have some goals and strong motive behind this training.

How to enroll in Saylani free courses

Now, you have to first fill out the online form for registration CLICK HERE and generate your ID card, then you have to verify your ID card from Saylani authorized office located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and then on 20th February you are supposed to attend the seminar that will be held in National Stadium Karachi where you will be going through a simple process in which you have to give a short entry test, and fill out the final registration form.

Visit the venue location, National Stadium Karachi HERE

This training is supposed to be subsidized, so there is no need to pay for it, however, it is expected that there would be a form charges which you have to pay at the time of submitting your application but this training will be totally free.

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