Become a Social Media Marketer | Find Customers Through Social Channels

Become a Social Media Marketer | Find Customers Through Social Channels

Social Media Marketers are professionals who can put your business model in front of thousands of potential customers all over world, just with the use of social media.

Social media has increasingly become a part of every modern persons routine, from connecting with friends and family to enjoying memes on them.

With such a large market at the fingertips, businesses quickly realized and used social platforms to find customers for them.

But neither everyone knows how to fully use the social media to the best of its extent in order to have massive positive results nor they have the time to learn.

That’s where marketers come in.

You as an individual can become a social media marketer, an expert in this field that will make employers wanting to hire you and improve sales for them.

Importance Of Social Media Marketers


The impact of covid-19 shook the world and while some businesses went bankrupt, most of them went 100% online.

Along with selling only online since pandemic, these businesses used to and still rely on digital marketing to reach out to consumers as social distancing and physical contacts were nearly impossible during the time.

Because of this, the demand of digital marketing specialists skyrocketed that were required to get customers to boost or at least maintain sales of the business.

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At one stage, the demand was at a point where there were shortages of people with skills in online marketing.

As a result, organizations were willing to pay a bit more just to get their products or services on the social media channels of the potential customers.

And by understanding price inelastic law of supply in basic economics, when demand increases, supply does too.

The immense exponential growth in social media marketing attracted thousands of people, who were unemployed in pandemic, to start freelancing in this field.

People, who were free of doing any professional work throughout the day and were worrying about their livelihood, got a golden chance to earn a healthy amount of income by working just with their computers or laptops.

Become a Social Media Marketer Online Course

This 13 hours of virtual learning program will allow you to comprehend how you can too become an effective social media advertise.

There are 11 different courses in this one package and you get to learn all of these for free.

The first course is all about foundations of social media marketing and how online advertisers use its power to have more customers.

After the foundations, you will learn how and why you should build communities revolving around certain similar minded people that have common interests.

By learning this valuable skill, you can leverage them to scoop out new hidden consumers from various parts of the world by offering products or services to them.

Every big business starts out small, and in order to grow them social media marketing for small business is vital.

In the third course, the exact plans will be laid out on what you should do specifically to acquire more consumers for small businesses.

For the next course, you will learn how to utilize Facebook and Twitter to promote your business since most of your customers are likely to already be available.

Furthermore, there are additional courses each for both of media channels:

  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Marketing on Facebook
  • Marketing on Twitter

In addition to this, there are other courses that are focused on advertising on Instagram and YouTube.

Learning how using all these social channels to improve branding of business will bring great success to you or any business you will be handling.

The final two courses are related to ROI (return on investment) and strategy and optimization.

Having an effective strategical plan is extremely vital as you should know how to start and keep making improvements over your ads, your campaigns etc.

Along with this, you should also have the ability to know how much you are actually benefiting from the investments you have made.

This understanding will allow you to improve these metrics and result in having more customers for a lesser cost.

Why You Should Be Certified As A Social Media Marketer

Certified means you have completed a short-term course or diploma and the certificate is a proof of your knowledge and expertise.

Nowadays, students are learning and just focus on degrees rather than any other internship or certificate programs.

However, these certificates are very important to get a job in the future, and this is because everyone has a degree.

Having an additional certificate from a well-known organization will make you stand alone from the crowd and make you more deserving candidate than others.

Certified CVs are more attractive businesses because this makes a CV impressive and increases your chance for the job Interview.

You must work on your CV because this is the only thing, while being a piece of paper, it contains your summary of education and work experience.

Create your new CV HERE

Students having no degree can find work opportunities on Fiverr (A popular freelance market).

Just with few certificates of having a specific skill like Content Writing, Graphic designing, digital marketing, etc.

Administrative Certified team

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is among one of the biggest online market place for freelancers across the world.

This freelancing platform also provides learning and trainings to the freelancers and professionals.

This online market place was founded on 1st February 2010 by Micha Kaufman.

Freelancing career for Administrative training by Microsoft

How to get projects from companies on Fiverr?

In order to win the project, you must first learn skills like SEO Specialist, Graphic designing or Amazon drop shipping services.

Once you have learn the skill then you must have a proof of having those skill in the form of degree or certifications.

Certifications are very important as this will make your profile CV stronger. You must have a certificates and a little hands on experience on specific field.

Once have all these things done then create a Fiverr account HERE.

After creating your fiver account then make and upload some gigs, and your achievements, your certifications, expertise, skills etc.

This will make your account look more impressive and attract potential clients.

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Now, assume you are on Fiver and search out some work or related words similar to your skill.

For example, if you have a graphic designing skill, you can look for designing related work opportunities offering from all over the world.

These can be in the form of Logo, poster, thumbnail designing etc.

Once you find any advertisement posted by someone just make a bid (your quoted price for the specific project).

Then your bid will be sent to the person who posted that ad and he will review your profile and take decision.

So again, it is recommended to make your profile strong and impressive.

With a strong profile, you can make a good CV and earn more money along with a a lot of experience.

Now here are some Important links you should visit and start your earning;

Fiverr account creation link Click HERE

Create your new CV HERE

How To Start This Social Media Marketer Course?

Remember that you can learn this course by watching the videos directly without signing or registering for an account.

But you will need to register for an account to acquire the Certificate.

Firstly, follow this link by Clicking Here.

Then, click on button “Sign In”.

Then, click on Join Now and fill the required form with the details.

After filling the details, follow this link by Clicking Here.

Lastly, click on the first video to start from the basics.

After completing the last video, you will be awarded with the official and verified certificate by Microsoft.

Tips from Experts on Social Media Marketer as Profession

Helpful Tips Social Media Marketer

Distance learning is also known as online education/learning.

During pandemic almost all institutions started from home work and learning programs from January 2020 to June 2021.

Students and learners faced many difficulties as they were not familiar with the distance learning environment.

Though, they all were trying their best to continue their semesters and classes and in results.

Many students faced a decline in CGPA in their semesters and some might even not pass.

So, we have to be ready for every situation and make our environment more familiar.

Therefore, we are going to recommend you some products and tips for online learning.

First of all, you need is a Laptop or a PC which support your Microsoft teams, zoom or other apps.

Second, you need the latest version of Internet device for providing you the continued supply of Internet throughout your class.

Thirdly you need a noise cancellation headphones to avoid any disturbance during your lecture and a mug of coffee to feel relax.

Start your Happy Learning!

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