Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi, Karachi | Best Animal market in Pakistan 2021

What is Mandi ? | Sohrab Goth Mandi ?

We heard the word market from our mother, wife or even from our sisters. Yes, of course, it’s a fact that they are always ready 24/7 for shopping and preferred to visit malls, Bazar, or supermarkets for even window shopping and on the other hand if we talk about boys for purchasing something from anywhere, then for sure it would not be any other place but  “Mandi”, Mandi is what you can say a synonym of market and citizen of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and many other countries use this word for specific animal market known as “Cow Mandi” “Bakra Mandi” or “Oont Mandi”.
Mandi is a place where buying and selling of animals take place in a specific area, famous mandi among all is cow mandi or cattle mandi. People preferred to visit mandi individually, in a group or with family, because mandi can be a place for entertainment, you can attend the biggest bull expo, animals variety, unique animals gala, etc. Mandi is very popular in Muslims because they buy these animals for sacrifice in the remembrance of “Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi”.

Check Covid19 updates and precautions before going to Mandi HERE

Where is the biggest cow mandi (Cattle Market) located?

Many countries have mandi system in their cities, but when we talk about the biggest mandi then Pakistan can be seen as the number one for having the biggest mandi in his biggest city known as “Sohrab Goth maweshi mandi Karachi”. This mandi is located in the town Sohrab goth near to highway and can be considered the only biggest mandi in the Asia continent. This Mandi is being there for more than fifty years and people from the whole Karachi as well as from other cities like Hyderabad, larkana come there for buying animals. The biggest cow mandi is consist of more than 100k animals from all over Pakistan with their owner known as “Beopari” (a person who sale animals in mandi).

Facilities In Cow mandi Karachi | Updates of Karachi Sohrab goth Mandi 2021

Cow mandi is the biggest animals market in Karachi, Pakistan, and people from many cities come to buy animals. As there were thousands of people present in mandi then facilities are the one we all should consider before going anywhere. Mandi is consist of a plain grounded land and twenty-four-hour water supply facility service is available for beopari (A person who sales animals) and washing purpose, light facilities available after 5 pm both in mandi where animals present and parking area of mandi for visitor, washroom facility service also available in mandi for both beopari (seller) and khareedar (buyer), animals medical camp facility located in mandi after every 2 km for animals assistance, lost and found department facility were there in case of anything lost you can contact to this department directly, vehicle pass counter facility are also available in entrance of mandi and you can obtain a unique pass for your vehicle if you want to take your vehicle in mandi and drive confidently in mandi, price were different for every category vehicle for eg Bike pass price is 2500 PKR and a car pass is around 4500 PKR, as this is a huge area so people usually got tired and feel thirsty in main area, however many people don’t preferred to buy water from mandi shops due to hygiene factor so in this case we recommend you can to go mandi with a water bottle (Check water bottle on Daraz
Moreover, there were many pick-up vehicles facility were available in mandi to take your animals to home and charge their fare accordingly, khareedar (buyer) come to mandi for buying an animal but they don’t know when and from where they would buy the animal with in their budget so normally it would take a couple of hours to find the best animal and at the same time cell phones battery might getting low and people face difficulty to contact for on-call discussion with their family or friends then we would recommend to take your power bank with you in order to avoid any problem (Check Power bank on Daraz

How to reach Mandi ? | What transportation options available ?

This is specifically for those who live in Karachi or Hyderabad. If you are from Hyderabad then you have two options to go mandi. The first option for the people of Hyderabad is the Daewoo bus service, you can buy a ticket from Daewoo Hyderabad bus terminal to Daewoo Karachi bus terminal and it costs you around 400 to 500 per person with the estimated time of arrival is 1 hour 25 minutes, the other option could be your private transport that would be your bike, car, or other vehicles. Follow all the rules and regulations under high way authority and save yourself and others. If we are talking about the residents of Karachi then there were a couple of options available to go “Sohrab goth Maweshi Mandi”. The first option can be your bike, car and other vehicles, the second option to go mandi is G-25 bus and you can travel in this bus from anywhere because the bus line available in from many areas and costs your around 30 rupees, the third option could be an Auto or Taxi which are available on bus taxi stands, the fourth option could be a mandi pick up (Gayee wali gaari) who are going to Mandi after unloading from anywhere and you may easily get this vehicle from main routes connecting to Highways, this option costs you around 20 rupees and the last option could be a Careem and Uber service but fare depend on peak factor and time.

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