TikTok Star Ayesha Akram And 400 Peoples | What Happen At Iqbal Park, Lahore?

TikTok Star Ayesha Akram And 400 Peoples | What Happen At Iqbal Park, Lahore?

What Happen at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore?

Minar-e-Pakistan is an iconic place and has immense respect in the Pakistani culture because this is the place built in the memory of Pakistan resolution 1940, Minar-e-Pakistan is located in the city of Lahore, Punjab. Recently on August 14th, 2021, an incident happened at the great Iqbal park and this is the same park previously known as Manto Park, the incident happened at Minar-e-Pakistan, and thousands of people are talking about this incident on social media. 

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Minar e Pakistan

On 14th August 2021, a TikTok start visited the park along with her male friend to shoot videos for their TikTok channels and high demands from their fans, and it was a preplanned event where a large number of other TikTok stars suppose to come and gather there, but what happened next was unexpected and unpredictable, there were around 500 peoples were present and rushed over there and those TikTok stars were surrounded by their fans and the only girl there was a TikTok star Ayesha Akram and she is the victim. 

Once their fans and TikTok star Ayesha Akram decided to shoot videos and take selfies with their fans then hundreds of their fans rushed towards Ayesha, and this scene suddenly converts into wild and people started to torture her, touch her, going physically, abuse her and damage her accessories and stuff, according to Ayesha in her recent Interview with Yasir Shami on daily Pakistan, this whole scenario has a duration of around 3 hours and no one came to help her even the Punjab police.


Who is Tiktok star, Ayesha Akram?

TikTok Star Ayesha Akram is a resident of Lahore and creating videos and content for her TikTok channel for a couple of months, Ayesha Akram is not very famous but she is still on TikTok with thousands of followers, you can visit her profile o TikTok;

What happens with TikTok star Ayesha Akram?

Ayesha Akram is creating content for her TikTok channels and engage her audience and fans through her videos, similarly, on 14th August Sunday she plans with her friend and some of her fans to come there and have some fun and create content but the situation and plan gone wrong and she was tortured by her fans and they beat her publicly.

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Promised justice by Government for Tiktok star Ayesha Akram 

After this incident happened with the TikTok star Ayesha Akram on Sunday, Punjab police file an FIR for 400 people who were involved in this case and they stated that they will arrest all of them as soon as possible and according to the report all those 400 people will be punished with the lifetime jail or sentence to death, however government of Punjab also done some efforts in this case and make ease for Punjab police by co-ordinating with ‘National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office and ordered them to find all those 400 culprits through their pictures and share their data with Punjab police to track and arrest them. 

Celebrities and Public figure’s tweets on this incident

Many actors, actresses, politicians, and journalist show their solidarity through tweets and demand government to give justice to TikTok star Ayesha Akram, and they also feel ashamed after this incident and follow the trends on Twitter like






Debate has started on social media regarding TikTok star Ayesha Akram both Against and Favour

After the Interview of Ayesha Akram on daily Pakistan, many people started to show solidarity with her and ensure her that she will get justice and demand Imran Khan, concern department to take action against all culprits and resolve this case at any cost, however some of the social media user who just want to know the whole cenerio and want to know the incident clearly and by their own verification they just visited Ayesha Akram’s social media accounts includes her Instagram, TikTok channel or other and realized that there were something which has done by both sides although they agreed upon the justice which Ayesha Akram deserve but they just want to realized her that she is also responsible for this incident and some of them were shared their post containing; her story screen shot about a Meet and greet with her fans on Iqbal park where she will enjoy the moment with her fans and ensure every single fan about a selfie, she also upload some of her videos, snaps and stories after the incident which people claiming that she was not suppose to do that is she really hurt or going through a depression after this incident, also a girl on social media gathering the stuff proving the other side of TikTok star Ayesha Akram and write that;

“Fan meetup tha selfie leny k chakar me rush tha or us rush me us k hi jahil fans ne ye harkat ki. Wesy incident k bad wo tiktok or insta pr active thi or koi FIR ni krwayi thi or na koi incident k bary me bat ki. Jb video viral hui to FIR krwayi.

Interview me face reveal krna, identify show krna or phr apni tiktok ID reveal krna boht hi suspecious tha us ko justice chaye, fame chaye ya dono? hm me se kitny log motorway wali aurat ko janty hain?
© WaJeeha Hassan Zaidi “
In my opinion, Jo hwa wo bhi thk nahi thaa, wo fans thy, bheriye thy, darindy thy Jo bhi thy harkat ghalt hi ki!
Point ki BAAT yehi hy ky hum me sy kitny log motorway wali orat ko janty hain? Isi liye nahi janty kun k wo kisi qism ki koi celebrity nahi thii that’s why wahan na Yasir shami pohnchaa, na Iqrar ul Hasan!

Ayesha Akram TikToker

The other social media user also post regarding this but he target “TikTok” as the main root for the incident and he said;

Ha bhaiyo! Salam sab ko,Abhi 14th August ko Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore me ek tiktok banatey hue larki k sath jo kuch hua wo beshaq ghalat tha, or qabil-e-muzammat hai.

Asal me kuch yun hua k larki jis ka naam #ayesha_akram tha wo kuch tiktok bananey ki niyat se kisi kareebi park me gai or waha takreeban 400 logo ne osko tankeed ka nishana banaya or na sirf tankeed bal k osko mentally or physically mara dhamkaya.

Ab is incident k bad kafi #khaleel_ur_rehman k followers bhi agaye market me, #matheera k jiyaale bhi agaye, #yasirshami k followers bhi agaye or bhi bohot log tapak parey or ek new debate ka aghaaz ho gaya!

or Debate q na hoti sab apne apne halko k minister or Iqra university k tarbiyetyaafta waqeel jo hen!ab suno poori kahani!

darasal me ek or baat bhi add karna chahunga k kuch time pehle #ImranKhan sahab ne bhi farmaya tha k “If a women is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on men, unless they are robot”

to bhai ab baat ye hai k ye hai “Islamic republic of Pakistan” and ye #tiktok jesi app sirf fahashi or jurm ko bulawa de rahi hai, muje koi batade k is app se koi mulki satah par faida hua ho? opar se bechare young log dangerous jaga par ja kar tiktok bananey k chakkar me janey dedete hen and yaha ye statement kisi #Tiktoker k against nhi hai or na haq me hai, lekin ye baat fact hai k tiktok jesi activities hamari nojawan nasal ko barbad kardengi, ab jis tiktok star k liye ham azaz utha rahe hen #AyeshaAkram k isko insaf miley or milna bhi chahye is incident k bad magar ye solution nhi hai.on #400 logo ne jo kiya ghalat kiya!

Anyways this debate is still going on and become trend on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Social media users are coming with their statement which are based on their research and opinion as freedom of speech and expression is the basic right of a human so they are posting and sharing their own point of view!

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